Motivo indoor training cycling app for iPhone provides cycling training workouts for cyclists.

How it Works

Motivo Indoor Cycling Training iPhone App
Motivo Indoor Cycling Training Plans

Set Your Training Plan

Select one of the goal-specific training plans, choose the days you can train and get a training schedule that works for you.
Motivo Indoor Cycling Training Workouts

Follow Your Workouts

Enjoy the motivating and effective indoor training experience as you're guided through your personalised workouts.
Motivo Indoor Cycling Training Rewards

Reap the Rewards

Stick to your plan and you will get the best results. We'll also reward you with Motivo freebies to keep the costs down.

Interactive Workouts

Motivo iPhone Cycling Training App Guided and Coached Workouts

Guided Workouts with Personal Targets

Stay motivated during your workouts with on-screen guidance, clear targets and real-time feedback. Whether you train with or without sensors.

Motivo tailors all of your workouts to your current fitness, just like a coach. It means the intensity is always right for the best results.

Designed to be taken anywhere and used with any type of stationary bicycle, Motivo is ideal for turbo trainers, Spinning bikes, Wattbikes and more
Motivo iPhone Cycling Training App ANT and Bluetooth Sensors

Train with ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Sensors

Zone based training targets ensure workouts are at the right intensity to delivery the goals you're after.

Connect a heart rate monitor, power meter or speed and cadence sensor to Motivo and your real-time performance data is tracked against your targets.

Motivo supports ANT+™ and Bluetooth Smart sensors from a wide range of suppliers.

No sensors? No problem. You'll still get a fully tailored, guided workout to follow.

Flexible Training Plans

Professional plans, built specifically to meet your training needs.

Indoor Cycling Training Goal Training

Goal-Specific Training

Indoor training requires specific structure. The plans in Motivo are goal-specific and have been designed by accredited cycling coaches..
Indoor Cycling Flexible Training Workouts

Flexible to Suit You

Keeping a plan realistic is vital to success. That's why you to choose the days you can train before we build your plan and can update them at any time.
Indoor Cycling Training Personal Schedule

Your Personal Schedule

A good plan gives you a structured path to follow. My Motivo gives you a complete view of your schedule so you know exactly what's coming up.

Achievements & Rewards

Track your efforts, review your workouts and earn free training time.

Indoor Cycling Workout Performance

Workout Performance

Track your performance during and after your workouts with real-time data, post workout analysis and an effort star to rate your effort.
Indoor Cycling Workouts and Plan Progress

Plan Progress

Sticking to your plan is a way way to ensure results. We'll rate your performance with a bronze, silver or gold achievement shield.
Indoor Cycling Training Goals and Rewards

Reward & Recognition

As you complete training plans you can collect your achievement shields and redeem them for free Motivo subscriptions.

An Online Account

Access your training data anywhere with the Motivo online cloud

Indoor Cycling Training Workouts Online
Manage your training from the convenience of your desktop.
Download your workout activities and upload to services like Garmin Connect or Strava.

Simple Pricing

No contacts. No worries. Just pay as you go.

Indoor Cycling Training Workouts and Plans

Try Before You Buy

Get started with a training plan and six workouts free of charge. No payment details. No catches. Just a free ride.
Indoor Cycling Training Workouts and Plans

Monthly Training

Total flexibility with month-by-month In-App subscriptions. No rolling contracts. Just simple, pay-as-you-go training.
Indoor Cycling Training Workouts and Plans

Low Cost - High Gain

Six months for the price of five. The best value way to handle seasonal indoor training for brilliant results.

Feedback & Reviews

Not sure? Here's what other users are saying.

Totally changed turbo training for me

I used to hate the turbo trainer but now I honestly enjoy it and am seeing great results from the training plan.

Clear and simple interface

I really like this app. It is simple to pick your plan and follow it. The user interface is the clearest of many of these apps by a long way. It only does one thing but it does it really well - and customer support is a real person who responds quickly.

Highly Recommended

A very impressive and slick app. I actually use my turbo trainer now :O) The built in training plans are great - be disciplined and stick to the schedule and you will definitely reap the rewards. Support is top notch too! All in all a fantastic training tool and well worth a look.

Great fluid app!

This is awesome, has everything you need and is perfectly laid out with everything you need! I did one of the training plans and I can definitely tell the difference - I actually use my rollers now:)

Great Training App

I love this app. The programs & workouts are well thought through and easy to follow. It's a great coached turbo session every time. My cycling and fitness improved enormously last winter and I've signed up for a new program for this coming one too.

No more boring indoor training! A Must!

Fantastic app and simple to use. I hate indoor training or at least I did until I started using this app. I know someone that pays £150+ a month for personal cycle training and some of the indoor workouts set for him are very similar to the ones in the Motivo app so it just proves the value for money is incredible.