About Us

Team Motivo

The Motivo Manifesto:

To make indoor cycle training a successful and motivating experience that we enjoy, with readily available technology.

Who We Are:

We're not a team of nerds and we're not a large-scale organisation.
We're a couple of guys that want to help people like us to train. Hopefully you're one of them.
We're not cycling coaches. But that's why we get the pros in to create the training material
Finally, we're not disconnected investors. We do this because it's our passion.
We work hard. We ride hard. But most importantly we do what we love.

The ingredients:

- Two guys
- Multiple bicycles
- A heap of ideas
- A stack of code
- A dream we are trying to make reality

We love hearing from you.
Get in touch: beinspired@motivo.cc

Why We're Here:

We know it all too well. We've spent our fair share of time working away on the turbo in the hope that we're getting closer to our goals.
We've been there when you're not sure what you should be doing. When you're sick of doing the same workouts. And when you need a kick.
We feel your pain and are here to make the situation better. Why? Because done right, it's top-quality, time-efficient, gut-busting, training. It works!
We are not here to give complex training analysis, confusing statistics or a set of tools that you just don't understand.
We are here to help you reach you goals with flexible training plans, simple to follow workouts and an easy way to appreciate what it all means.

Our Ride the Ride Philosophy:

Drinking your own champagne. Eating your own dog food. Call it what you want. We've been training with Motivo since day one and have clocked up over 500 workouts.
(Alpha build #1 was born on the 11th of November 2012. The first public release went live on the 6th of February 2013).

If we don't get it, why would you?

You'll catch proof on Facebook and Instagram

Made in the United Kingdom - Ridden Worldwide